Environmental Education

The Happy Green World Foundation develops environmental educational materials on waste, water and energy for children all over the world.


The waste programme consists of an activity guide, a student book and a game. It focusses on practical activities around reducing, re-using and recycling waste.

Activity Guide

The activity guide contains 31 activities. The teacher can choose which activities suit the students best, and which subjects to focus on. The teacher has the choice of three types of activities.

Awareness activities: these make the children aware of what waste is and of the fact that waste can have value and can be re-used or recycled.

Thinking activities: these stimulate children to brainstorm about waste issues and to come up with solutions in a structured way. ‘Mind mapping’ is one of the methods used.

Doing activities: these are all about practical actions like tidying up the school playground or a park, recycling paper, making compost or planting seeds.

Student Book

The student book explains the origin of materials such as plastic, green waste, glass and paper. It also discusses the effects of these materials on nature, decomposition times and ways to reuse and recycle waste. The colourful illustrations show how a city gradually can be transformed from polluted to clean.


While playing the game, the content of our programme is repeated once more, so the children can internalise the material. The children learn through play with other children about which behaviour is sustainable and which behaviour is not.


The waste programme is available in English, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, French and Thai . Happy Green World and the partners of the educational waste program customise the acitivities and the illustrations so the child can relate to the education books and games.

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Our water programme exists out of an activity guide and game. The aim is to make children aware of the process of how clean water is obtained, use water respectfully and use less of this vital resource.

The water game is available in Dutch and in English.
The activity guide is available in Dutch and is currently being updated and translated in English.

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We are in the process of developing an energy game. This will be a card game discussing sources of energy, climate related topics and what we can do to reduce our greenhouse gasses.

Aussie Endangered Animals

Happy Green World has designed an Aussie Endangered Animals game with the help of illustrator Ingrid Petrie ( ).

You can order this very interactive game by sending an email to